Humanitarian aid to Ukraine

We greatly appreciate your support for people who, through no fault of their own, find themselves in dire need of assistance!

We will use your funds to help the victims of the armed conflict in Ukraine, where we have been working in cooperation with the International Red Cross Movement since 2014. Our focus is not only on helping those in the heart of the conflict, but also on the plight of people who have had been displaced due to the conflict.

In Ukraine, conflict and unrest has caused serious disruption to the healthcare system. That is why we are involved in delivering medical supplies to where they are needed most. For example, in cooperation with our Ukrainian and international partners, we are already involved in providing the following assistance:

  • 3,500 Traumasets: we are continuing to supply first aid kits used in the event of mass medical casualties, or traumasets. In total, the Ukrainian Red Cross will receive over 110,000 pieces of medical supplies weighing over 5 tons and valued at 3.6 million. CZK.

  • Based on the requests of our Ukrainian colleagues, we have already started preparations for the next phase of assistance. It will again be dedicated to the Red Cross mobile medical teams and will include additional vehicles used as mobile ambulances and for transporting the wounded,

  • We are also sending medical tents, stretchers, surgical kits and other equipment to our teams.

  • Refugee assistance: We are preparing for the possible arrival of refugees from Ukraine to Czech territory, providing assistance to the ČD's evacuation trains. We are also raising funds to help finance aid in Ukraine.

You can follow our activities and receive updates on the results of our work on the website

Even the smallest donation can help! If you could share details of our work with your friends, family and colleagues, we would be very grateful.

Thank you for your support!


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